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Four This Week

We got four new pages this week.

Students in New Hampshire, Nevada, Nebraska or Montana can go to our newest pages and find out more about their education and career options.

These latest pages are named NH, NV, NE and MT and contain some information on local formal education plus some info about non-formal career training in these areas.

We have put on these pages a small list of colleges that give fashion or closely related classes.

Planning a simple conference with a school admissions counselor is the ideal technique to know if a particular institution is the top alternative for your situation. The counselor will talk about your alternatives and offer you their experienced opinion.

So, if you are curious about attending college in one of those states, you can stop by these pages now.

Have you got any suggestions regarding these colleges you wish to share?

Three for the Week

We’ve been making pages for each state, and this week we have three new ones.

Our latest pages are for individuals who are considering attending a university in either Minnesota, Mississippi or Missouri.

Diploma alternatives in the fashion business are available at some schools. You will find lists at these three pages.

A few of the schools displayed at these pages provide four-year degrees, but others offer degree opportunities that could be achieved faster.

You can take a look at these pages now. Check out MN or MS or MO.

If you would like to share about your previous experience with any one of these colleges, we would be sincerely interested in hearing about it.

MA School Opportunities

Every state has alternatives with regards to education and career training programs, today we are writing about Massachusetts.

Finding a university to go to in the Boston or MA area is the subject of this page.

Visitors to this post should see the section which allows the visitor to input their contact information. This enables college counselors to get in touch with the prospective student and go over their professional and education opportunities.

You will find some online school options along with conventional campus-based universities.

You can pay a short visit to that MA page now if you wish to think about schools in that area.

You could always tell us about your college experiences too.

All States Begin with K

I have posted some new pages for our website.

What are these new pages regarding? They are about Kansas and Kentucky school and career training choices.

You could see a listing of Kentucky and Kansas schools at these pages that offer degrees in either fashion or closely related design or business work.

If you wish to find out if you are suitable for a specific school, the best approach to do it is to talk to an admission’s officer. They can provide their assistance as well as familiarize you with their school.

You can view those pages by going here: KS students or KY students.

Did you attend a good school you want to tell us about?

Whats Going on in Iowa

The latest page on our site is a post pertaining to education in the Iowa area.

Iowa career training opportunities is what this latest page is about.

We have put on this page a short list of universities that provide degrees that may help someone pursue a fashion career.

Some of the schools mentioned at this page offer online options, some offer classroom courses, and some offer both.

You could see a short list of IA institutions here right here.

Do you have a college to add to this list? You can send us any kind of suggestion via our contact us page.

For Illinois Students

The latest page addition on our website is focused on Illinois.

This page has a pair of functions. It offers some general info about seeking a career in this field, plus it attempts to introduce site readers to some of the schools in the state.

Majors in fashion are provided by only a few universities. This IL school page lists a few possibilities.

You could pick up some beneficial advice of which schools would be best suited for your goals by having a brief talk with an experienced admission rep.

You can go visit that page now.

We’re sincerely interested in listening to your past experience with any one of these schools. So do not be shy about letting us know about it.

Latest Pages

This website has some new pages.

These pages are produced for students who wish to enroll at a Hawaii or Georgia college.

You will find a short list of universities on these pages. Those schools provide professional training in the business of fashion.

A simple conference with an entrance officer from one of these schools can answer your questions and figure out if college is suited for your situation.

I have put those pages here — HI classes for Hawaii and GA classes for Georgia.

Be sure to let us know if you have any opinions regarding the universities listed there.