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Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University (TTU) is a large school in Lubbock, Texas.

TTU's campus takes up over 1800 acres.

Texas Tech University was established in 1923.

Texas Tech is a public research university. Of schools in the state of Texas, it has the 7th largest student body.

The university consists of 13 colleges, offering more than 150 courses and is the host of more than 60 research institutes and centers.

Since 1927, Texas Tech has awarded over 200,000 degrees including the graduate and professional degrees.

Texas Tech is currently in the presidential leadership of Dr. Duane Nellis.

Currently there are 26,000 students in undergraduate programs, 5,500 students in post-graduate programs and 700 students in doctoral programs.

Its teaching staff consists of 2500 faculty members.

Students from all 50 states of the USA and over 100 foreign countries are a part of Texas Tech family.

One of the main achievements of Texas Tech is the research it conducted in collaboration with The Harvard University was development of a treatment to cure HIV. It has also conducted various other research in medical fields.

Apart from the main campus programs, Texas Tech offers online and regional programs. There are several regional sites. Under these programs Texas Tech offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs and graduate certification preparation programs.

The campus is the host arena to the main academic institute, undergraduate institution, law school, medical school.

On the recreational note Texas Tech's team is known as Red Raiders and the lady's team is known as Lady Raiders. Texas Tech's woman's team for basketball has acclaimed the national title.

Texas Tech's Mascot is the Masked Rider.

Texas Tech is known for its annual traditional celebration of the beginning of Holiday season marking from first Friday of December, it is popularly known as The Carol of Lights.

Home to various art galleries, a natural science research laboratory, a sculpture court and a Moody Planetarium is the Museum of Texas Tech University which was established in the year 1929.

A number of libraries ranging from general course books to specific books to research books amongst which the noted ones are the Special Collection Library and Southwest Collection Library.

The university has a radio station -- KTXT 88.1 FM -- focusing on hip-hop music, alternative, industrial and rock music in accordance to the entertainment of students. Their other radio station voices classical news and music, and that is KTXT 89.1.

The students are also provided financial assistance if they qualify.

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