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Smith College

Smith College is a private, independent women's liberal arts college located in Northampton, Massachusetts, United States, and it is the largest member of the Seven Sisters, a group of seven northeastern liberal arts schools that were originally for women.

The college is also a member of the Five Colleges consortium, which allows its students to attend classes in four other Pioneer Valley institutions: Amherst College, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, and Hampshire College. This private institution was founded in 1871, and it has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,627, and the campus size is 156 acres.

Smith College has 285 professors in 41 academic departments and programs, and more than 120 student organizations, which range from Bad Seeds, a botany group, to Crapapella, one of the several a cappella groups on campus. It is the first and only women's college in the United States to grant its own undergraduate degrees in engineering.

The Smith Pioneers have 14 NCAA Division III varsity sports that complete in the Eastern College Athletic Conference. The name of the athletic teams expresses the spirit of Smith's students and the college's leadership role in women's athletics.

Smith College, unlike other schools, does not have dorms or Greek life but rather 36 separate houses that range from 18th century to modern in style. Each of these houses is home to between 10 and 100 students, allowing for socialization among students from all classes. Many students remain in the same house for the entirely of their four years, but, at Smith, they are not obligated to do so, and may move to different houses on campus as space allows.

The campus is a supportive and diverse community that respects individual choices and achievements, an open environment that fosters personal growth. Traditional events on campus include Rally Day, which celebrates alumnae and students, and Otelia Cromwell Day, which honors Smith's first African-American students. Commencement traditions include Ivy Day, during which seniors plant Ivy on campus, and Illumination Night, when the campus is lit with colored lanterns. Smith College offers a number of student services including women's center, day care, health service, placement service, non-remedial tutoring, and health insurance. The College also offers campus safety and security services.

The college runs its own junior year abroad programs in four European cities: Paris, Hamburg, Florence and Geneva. These programs are notable for requiring all studies to be conducted in the language of the host country. Junior math majors from other undergraduate institutions can study at Smith College for one year through the Center for Women in Mathematics.

The graduate programs are coeducational and offer master's and doctorate degrees. The most popular majors at Smith College include: Social Sciences, Literatures, Foreign Languages, Linguistics, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Smith College is known for its outstanding academic reputation. Students can choose from more that 1,000 course offerings in more than 50 areas of study in the social sciences and history, languages, the art, literature, mathematics and the natural sciences. What defines a concentration the most is the way it gives students an option to organize a combination of intellectual and practical experiences, such as internships and service learning, around an area of interest. Students apply to concentrations and when selected they receive focused advising to help them design a program in their area of interest. The college currently offers 10 concentrations in fields they arrange from Bio-mathematical Sciences to Book Studies and Poetry.

Smith College offers graduate work which leads to the degrees of master of arts, master of arts in teaching, master of fine arts, master of education, master of education of the deaf, master of science in exercise and sport studies and master and Ph.D. in social work. Smith College also offers a limited program leading to the degree of doctor of philosophy.

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