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Thinking about going to school for a fashion degree?

Our short website could help you to quickly discover quite a few of the most well-known design schools around the country today.

VT undergraduate reading and studying in the study centerThe mission of these institutions is to teach and prepare resourceful and industrious individuals to assume jobs in fields of design and style, fashion retailing and fashion advertising.

These universities collectively deliver a couple of various degree packages, which include associate, bachelor and even master’s degrees, along with certification of completion programs.

Customary design-tract classes in this major offered at these universities include fashion sketching; three dimensional design; pattern drawing; creative theory; software design; stage costume design and development; grading, marking and trimming; and textiles.

Candidates participating in the business component of fashion will normally enroll in courses related to fashion, but might additionally be required to take quite a few courses in business, basic accounting and maybe a little general economics.

Where are these Colleges Located?
Classmates grouping on the stairs on the way to afternoon classesInstitutions featuring fashion design diplomas are not very prevalent. Most likely, the university in your area will not offer a degree program in this field.

A great number of individuals realize that they will have to transfer to one of the small number of places that has a college which delivers a fashion-related degree. These schools are generally based in only the larger urban areas.

However, quite a few applicants will join an online school to be able to get their diploma in this field.

Additionally, innovative individuals will enroll at their area university and combine classes from a few different study areas as a way to produce a custom-made education and learning solution that might let them earn an first job upon graduation.

Schools that might work for you:

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