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West Virginia

Is a fashion career in your future?

Our site will let you quickly and easily locate quite a few of the most trusted fashion industry colleges in the nation right now.

WV student with her books in large lecture hallThe main intention of these academic institutions is to develop resourceful and ambitious men and women to take on job roles in fields of design and style, retailing and fashion advertising.

These institutions as a group provide a couple of distinct diploma plans, which includes associate, bachelor’s and even master’s degrees, plus some shorter certification programs.

General design-tract classes in this degree program offered by these institutions include apparel drawing; three dimensional design; pattern drafting; artistic theory; software tools; stage costume style and design; grading, marking and trimming; and textiles.

Applicants signed up for the commerce section of this industry will choose lessons pertaining to fashion, but would additionally be required to take many different classes in business, basic accounting and even a couple in economics.

Where Will These Colleges Be?
WV undergrads on the stairs on their way to morning classColleges delivering fashion degrees are not common. Most likely, the university in your area will not offer a degree in this topic.

A great number of individuals discover that they have got to relocate to one of the handful of places which features a fashion-related degree. A lot of these colleges are frequently based in only the major cities.

On the other hand, a lot of candidates will be a part of an online college as a way to receive their diploma in this field.

In addition to that, resourceful students will sign up at a regional university and put together courses from several fields of study in order to create a personalized education solution that may let them secure their entry-level position after graduating.

Schools you could consider:

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