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Is There a Fashion Design Career in Your Future?
Breaking into this Business Can be Difficult
You Need to be Talented and Get a Solid Formal Education
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Your Career

Having a career as a fashion professional could be pretty great, but is it right for you?

This site can help you quickly and easily find many of the most popular fashion schools in the USA today.

Female students in the classroomThe goal of these schools is to train creative and hardworking individuals to assume positions in areas of design, fashion merchandising and fashion marketing.

These schools collectively offer a few different types of degree programs, including associate, bachelor and even master degrees, as well as certificate programs.

Common design-tract courses offered at these schools include fashion sketching; three dimensional design; pattern drafting; creative theory; computer-aided design; costume design; grading, marking and cutting; and textile studies.

Students enrolled in the business side of fashion will often take courses directly related to fashion, but will also complete quite a few classes in business, accounting and even economics.

Where Are These Schools?
It's GED exam time for this design studentSchools offering fashion design degrees are few and far between. Most likely, the university in your town does not offer a major in this field.

Most students find that they need to relocate to one of the few cities that do offer a fashion design degree. These schools are typically situated in just the larger cities.

However, some students will enroll in a online school in order to obtain their degree. Other creative students will attend a local college and piece together classes from different disciplines in order to build a customized education solution that may allow them to get an entry-level position upon graduation.

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